Tourist Services

More and more, tourists are adding special services to their holiday stays in Cayman. Local vendors recognize that there is no need to drop your desired routines while away from home. Keep up your fitness regime with day rates at the gym. Or treat yourself to that special spa experience that you don’t have time for at home. Need a floral arrangement for a special occasion – visit one of our vendors below, or see the Wedding Guide for more options.

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Fitness Centers and Yoga & Pilates

Cayman has a very active health and sports scene. As a burgeoning sports tourism destination, Cayman has grown a fitting complement of fitness and body work centers. Several gyms offer day and week rates so you can keep to your training schedule while visiting. Or take the opportunity to try yoga or pilates – drop in rates are available at most studios.

Cayman Spas & Salons

Cayman has a very large selection of spas and salons for such a small country – and the numbers keep growing. From regular hair cuts to special event styling, from simple massage to exotic techniques, you can pamper yourself at any of these beauty and treatment centers. The perfect accompaniment to shopping and diving to help fill your down time.

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