Cayman Sundays are Fundays!

I was driving through town this past Sunday and there was a Cruise Ship in the distance. Of course that meant that there would be tourists in town.

Parade of Lights

We gussied up on Saturday night and went out for the Parade of Lights at Camana Bay.

New helicopter pad

Cayman Islands Helicopters gives aerial tours of our islands which give fantastic views of the water and reefs and mangroves.


Fireworks are very popular in the Cayman Islands – they are routine at Pirates Week, the Christmas boat parade of lights, New Year’s and for many private celebrations such as weddings, grand openings and birthday parties.

Boca Raton compared to Cayman

We were in Boca Raton, FL recently, on a vacation of sorts (visiting friends). It was interesting to notice the differences and similarities between Boca Raton and the Cayman Islands.