About Us

Destination.ky is owned and maintained by Cayman iPortals Ltd. – a technology and holding company based in the Cayman Islands.

Concept and Theme

What makes www.destination.ky so different from every other website out there is our customized voting component. Each industry is provided a voting board where users can vote for their favorite businesses.Another important note is the way the content is presented to the user. Users will not get bored in reading page content as it was written in a theme that is lively, entertaining and informative. In this way, users are more likely to read the entirety of the page instead of browse through web page after web page of babble.

The idea of having a real-time voting component came into fruition because of over 2,000,000 visitors who come to the Islands annually and don’t know where to go, what to do, what to eat and more importantly, whose services to use to get an awesome experience from one of the world’s top destinations. It is our hope that www.destination.ky will guide you through tourist traps and unpleasant family vacations with the assistance of other tourists and the business vendors themselves.

We know for a fact that not one resident of the Cayman Islands will want you to walk away without taking special memories of our beloved islands and this website will hopefully become an important tool for that to happen.

Website Mission

Our mission is to increase our partner’s bookings through the vehicle of this website, www.destination.ky. We also aim to empower users, tourists and customers who come to the Cayman Islands by voting for their favorites in each tourism-related industry. By knowing what business is customer oriented we are hoping that users walk away from the Cayman Islands with great memories to share. We also hope that more and more people choose to vacation in the Cayman Islands by making services more accessible to customers.