Meet our Editors-At-Large, the folks who help us make the Cayman Islands, truly a destination for authentic local experiences!


Liz and Gary Frost

Liz and Gary Frost have been instrumental in advancing the local tourism sector. As proprietors of a Top Scuba Diving Company and a bespokeĀ Dive Resort, their expertise in scuba diving and hospitality significantly benefits the Cayman Islands. Their offerings not only provide tourists with unique experiences but also make substantial contributions to the local economy.

Their respected status within the community mirrors the positive impact they’ve had on local culture and tourism. As revered community figures, Liz and Gary have garnered acclaim for their unwavering dedication and contributions to the Cayman Islands. In their roles as Editors-at-Large, Liz and Gary Frost play a pivotal role in sharing their wealth of insights and knowledge about the Cayman Islands with a broader audience. Their profound understanding of both scuba diving and the hospitality industry will undoubtedly enhance the online experience for those seeking information about the islands, offering a more authentic and immersive local perspective for visitors.

Robert Totten

Robert’s extensive experience and deep roots in the Cayman Islands Real Estate Industry make him a valuable asset to the community. His long-standing residency of over 40 years demonstrates his commitment to the islands and his dedication to contributing to their growth and development.

Moreover, Robert’s insights into the local tourism industry and its impact on the economy provide a unique perspective. Understanding how tourism influences property demand, rental income potential, and overall economic stability is crucial for anyone involved in real estate on the Cayman Islands. Given his wealth of experience and knowledge, Robert is well-suited to take on the role of Editor-At-Large for authentic local experiences. His ability to provide insights into the best ways to experience the islands from a local’s perspective can enhance the tourism industry and create memorable experiences for visitors.