Lobster Season in the Cayman Islands is Open

Lobster Season

On December 1, 2023 the Cayman Islands celebrated the opening of the lobster season, attracting both locals and tourists alike. The season is not only a culinary highlight but also a testament to the islands’ commitment to marine conservation.

Lobster Season Timeline

The season officially begins on December 1st and ends on February 29th. During these months, both locals and visitors have the opportunity to indulge in the fresh, local lobster that is both a culinary delight and an integral part of the island’s seafood culture.

Regulations Set by the Department of Environment (DOE):

To ensure sustainability and protect lobster populations, the DOE has established several key regulations:

  • Catch Limits: There is a daily catch limit of three lobsters per person or six per boat, provided there are at least two people on board.
  • Size Restrictions: Only spiny lobsters with a minimum tail size of 6 inches are permitted to be taken.
  • Licensing: All divers and fishermen must adhere to licensing requirements.
  • Marine Park Rules: Specific areas are designated as Marine Parks, where fishing is either restricted or prohibited to preserve marine life.

The ‘CaymanDoE’ app is a valuable resource, offering information on marine park boundaries, rules, and regulations. This app serves as a guide for both recreational fishermen and conservation enthusiasts.

Restaurants that serve Lobster

Please note that because of the daily catch limits, and because restaurants don’t have their ingredient sources on their websites, we are unable to inform you if the lobster they serve are fresh from Cayman waters.  Instead, please ask the restaurant before you make a reservation.  If the restaurant contacts us to let us know they serve fresh Cayman lobster, we will update this information.

  • The Lobster Pot in George Town: A family-owned establishment known for its fresh seafood and panoramic Caribbean Sea views. They have been operating for over 55 years, providing an unbeatable dining experience​​.
  • Guy Harvey’s Boathouse Grill: Located in George Town, this restaurant is a favorite for seafood lovers. They serve the Boathouse Steam Pot, which includes Caribbean lobster, shrimp, and mussels in a coconut milk broth​​.
  • Saltwater Grill: Situated along Seven Mile Beach, Saltwater Grill offers an array of seafood options, including their standout lobster dish, “The Saltwater Grill,” which features a lobster tail, giant prawn, scallops, calamari, blackened mahi, and shrimp​​.
  • Mizu Asian Bistro & Bar: For a fusion of Caribbean and Asian flavors, Mizu Asian Bistro & Bar at Camana Bay offers a Lobster Red Curry, blending the richness of lobster with a spicy red curry sauce​​.
  • The Italian Kitchen: Known for their lobster and shrimp risotto, this restaurant offers a delightful Italian culinary experience with a touch of Caribbean flair​​.
  • Alfresco Restaurant: Serving Italian and Caribbean cuisine, Alfresco Restaurant is another great option for enjoying lobster in a beautiful setting​​.
  • Eastern Star Bar & Fish Fry: Offers a more casual dining experience with delicious seafood options including lobster tails​​.
  • Over the Edge: Known for their fried lobster, this restaurant provides a unique Caribbean dining experience at a reasonable price​​.
  • Abacus: This restaurant offers an amazing all-you-can-eat lobster dinner, making it a great spot for seafood enthusiasts​

DoE Conservation Efforts

The DOE emphasizes conservation, ensuring that the lobster population remains robust and sustainable. These efforts include:

  • Monitoring lobster populations
  • Habitat preservation
  • Public education on sustainable fishing practices

The season is celebrated across the islands with various culinary events, where chefs showcase innovative and traditional lobster dishes. These dishes not only highlight the local cuisine but also emphasize the importance of sustainable seafood practices.

When everyone follows these Lobster season guidelines set by the DoE, the Cayman Islands not only provide a delightful culinary experience but also demonstrates a commendable commitment to marine conservation.

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