Top 10 Shore Dives in the Cayman Islands

The sheer number of dive sites, each one unique, makes the Cayman Islands a superlative destination for divers. A few of the opportunities include wall dives, coral dives, cave dives and reef dives. The best part is that underwater visibility is up to 100 feet. To the southeast, the Cayman Islands are surrounded by the Cayman Trench, the deepest point in the Caribbean between Cayman and Jamaica. Its northernmost edges form the Cayman Ridge, which drops to 25,000 feet in places. The Cayman Wall drops off as close as 100 yards from the shore, offering breathtaking views of living coral reefs.

Reef Divers

Ask any local and they will tell you that their favorite shore dive is Turtle Reef or what is more commonly known as Macabucca, which is the name of the Bar. Sun Divers is also located in Macabucca and tank rentals cost CI$ 8 or US$ 10. It is common to see Stingray's and Eagle Rays in this part of town and is definitely a dive spot not to be missed.

Brac - Tibbets (Russian Destroyer)

The Tibbet's is located in Cayman Brac and can be reached from the shore. This 330ft tanker is amazing as it starts at about 40 ft and goes all the way to 110 feet. The Tibbets is a Russian Destroyer that was sunk intentionally in 1996.

Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point is located in West Bay and is a shore diving operation run by Dive Tech. The dive shop people are always nice and friendly and you can even rent underwater scooters to get around, but you have to have a license to rent a scooter. An added bonus to Lighthouse point is the Treats Cafe also in the building - perfect for a quick sandwich in between dives.

Cobalt Coast

Located on the Western tip of West Bay, it is common to see lemon stingrays and octopuses. An amazing shore dive located on Cobalt Coast Dive Resort. Very easy to navigate for beginners and even advance divers will enjoy this reef.

Eden Rock / Devil's Grotto

It would be a good idea to hire a Dive Master to take you around the tunnels and caverns of Eden Rock and not to venture out on your own. This place is amazing when you see all the caves and tunnels all leading to each other. Eden Rock Dive shop is located on the Iron Shore and easily accessible from the cruise ship dock.

Sunset House

The Sunset House Mermaid is usually what draws divers to this part of town but that should not be the only reason - the wall is not too far away and divers will easily be able to navigate this dive site. The small wreck should also not be missed.

Smith's Cove

Not a lot of divers come to this beach to dive simply because there is no dive shop located here. Divers will usually have to bring their own gear and tanks. But the rewards are immense. There are usually a lot of Lion fish in this area and most divers come here during culling tournaments.

Pageant Beach

A plethora of unspoiled coral offers stunning undersea views in pristine waters. Pageant beach is located right beside the Wharf restaurant in George Town. Not a lot of divers come here for a shore dive as the trek to the area is considerably far lugging tanks and dive equipment. But if you decide to do it - it will be worth it.

Don Fosters dive

The Don Foster Dive site is easily for beginners as it is very easy to navigate and sits right beside Eden Rock but without the tunnel dives. Tanks only cost CI$ 6 in this dive shop and you can be sure that their gear is top notch.

Wreck of the Cali

Located at the George Town Waterfront, the Wreck of the Cali is easily the shallowest shore dive in Grand Cayman at only 30 to 60 ft. It is an ideal place for beginners and for night dive first-timers as well.