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Agave Grill
Address: Ed’s Plaza, Butterfield Roundabout near the Industrial Park
Al La Kebab
Address: Marquee Plaza, West Bay Rd.
Amelia’s Kitchen
Address: Smith Road near Jose’s Esso
Arbutus Galley
Address: North Sound Road at Dorcy Drive
Arlain’s Restaurant
Address: Austin Connolly Drive, East End
Address: Buckingham Square, West Bay Road
Bananas Restaurant & Bar
Address: Dolphin Centre, Eastern Avenue, George Town
Brasserie Market
Address: Cricket Square, Elgin Ave., George Town
Bread of Life
Address: Rev. Blackmon Drive, West Bay
Breadfruit Tree Garden Cafe
Address: 58 Eastern Avenue, George Town
Brick House
Address: Grand Harbour, Red Bay
Burger King – South Sound
Address: Walkers Road, South Sound
Bus Side Buffet
Address: 322 North Sound Road, George Town
Cafe Del Sol – Marquee Plaza
Address: Marquee Cinema Complex, Lawrence Blvd.
Canton Chinese Restaurant
Address: The Strand West Bay Rd
Captain’s Bakery & Grill
Address: West Bay Road
Carlos & Martin’s Tex-Mex Cantina & Bar
Address: 7 Mile Shops, West Bay Road
Champion House Restaurant I
Address: Eastern Ave
Champion House Restaurant II
Address: Eastern Ave
Address: Bodden Town Road
China Village – George Town takeout
Address: Shedden Road across from FirstCaribbean bank
Coconut Joe’s
Address: West Bay Rd., Seven Mile Beach
Coffee & Bites
Address: Shedden Road, George Town
Corita’s Copper Kettle
Address: Edward Street, George Town
Dragon Garden I
Address: Countryside Shopping Village, Savannah
Driftwood Bar & Grill
Address: North Side
Dunkin Donuts – Bodden Town
Address: Odessa Plaza on the main road through Bodden Town
Dunkin Donuts – George Town
Address: Harbour Drive, George Town
Dunkin Donuts – Seven Mile Beach
Address: Lawrence Blvd., next to World Gym
Eats Cafe
Address: Cayman Falls Centre, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach
Address: on the main road just east of Bodden Town in Pease Bay
Fosters Food Fair – Airport Centre
Address: Dorcy Drive in Industrial Park
Fosters Food Fair – Countryside Shopping Village
Address: Countryside Shopping Village, Savannah
Fosters Food Fair – Morritt’s Shopping Centre
Address: Queen’s Highway, East End
Fosters Food Fair – Republix Plaza
Address: West Bay Road across from Willie Farrington Drive
Fosters Food Fair – The Strand
Address: The Strand (Seven Mile Beach)
Gateway Of India
Address: West Bay Rd., Seven Mile Beach
Hard Rock Cafe
Address: South Church St., George Town
Hurley’s Grand Harbour
Address: Grand Harbour, Red Bay
Icoa Fine Foods
Address: Seven Mile Shops, West Bay Rd
Island Taste Patties & Catering
Address: Caymanian Village, North Sound Way, George Town
Kirk Supermarket
Address: corner of Eastern Avenue and North Church Street, George Town
Lone Star Bar & Grill
Address: West Bay Rd., Seven Mile Beach
Luz’s Restaurant
Address: Pasadora Place
MacDonald’s Restaurant
Address: Shedden Rd., George Town – Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park, George Town – Countryside Shopping Village, Savannah
Maedac Super Centre
Address: Crewe Rd., Red Bay
Mandarin Buffet
Address: Shedden Road, George Town
Mango Tree Restaurant & Lounge
Address: Shedden Rd George Town
Michael’s Genunine Food & Drink
Address: Camana Bay
Miss Gloria Scott’s Restaurant
Address: Goring Ave., George Town
Myrtle’s Restaurant and Bar
Address: Queens Court Plaza, West Bay Rd
Old Gaol Cafe/Jail House Cafe
Address: Goring Ave., George Town
Over the Edge
Address: Waterfront, Old Man Bay, North Side
Paddle Inn
Address: Industrial Park and Stadium Drive in West Bay on Stadium Drive in West Bay
Papa John’s Pizza
Address: Queen’s Court, West Bay Road
Paperman’s Coffee House – Midtown
Address: located in Midtown Plaza off the Elgin Avenue roundabout in George Town
Paperman’s Coffee House – Seven Mile Beach
Address: The Strand, Seven Mile Beach