Cayman Faqs

Inevitably, questions remain, and always someone will ask something silly. And then, just when you think you have heard it all, well … let’s just say that neither you nor we have. Our top ten FAQ list mixes the sublime with the ridiculous and covers most of the ground between. Remaining formally unaddressed on this list, however, is a question tourist authorities say they hear again and again: Can you actually swim under Grand Cayman Island, coming out the other side? The answer, for your edification, is “no”.

Cayman Islands are tax free.

When you purchase real estate in the Cayman Islands there are no property, capital gains, sales or inheritance taxes. A stamp duty is assessed on each transaction, but after that there are no more government payments.

Highest standard of living in the Caribbean.

Compared to other Caribbean Islands, the Cayman Islands has the highest standard of living. This means low crime rates, honesty in retail transactions, clean and safe environments, a professional business climate, and a diverse and thriving economy.

US standard infrastructure

Cayman’s infrastructure matches or is better than most middle size cities in North America. Roads, water lines, power, garbage disposal, street lights, parks, traffic control, telephone, internet, and sewage are well developed and well maintained.

Professional Planning Department

Cayman has an established professional Planning department and follows southern Florida building codes. Graft, kickbacks and bribes are unheard of in the industry. Department Inspectors must sign off on plumbing, electrical and other building issues before the property can receive an occupancy certificate.

Continuous land appreciation

Real estate holds it value and has had a steady appreciation in value over the past 25 years. You will find that prices sales prices here do not fluctuate as much as other international locations. The solid economy and stable government mean that investments hold their value over time.

Highly qualified tradesmen

Local building contractors are licensed and highly qualified tradesmen who come from around the world. Building finishes and quality match those in the USA. Strict hurricane codes and a government inspection office result in well-constructed buildings that stand up to the local climate and weather conditions.

Organized MLS system

Cayman has a well seasoned MLS listing system with 30 professional real estate companies as members. Any real estate office can help you with any listing, covering all three islands. Member offices are knowledgeable and able to identify Cayman property to your specifications.

Licensed agents receive required yearly training

The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA, which operates the MLS listing, requires all agents to sit a thorough exam on Cayman real estate laws. Agents are required to be licensed and participate in yearly update training in changes to the law and general real estate practices.

Great view, great food!

Cayman offers a fantastic selection of food supermarkets as well as over 200 restaurants. Gourmet delis, coffee shops, restaurants and catering services offer every possible dining option. Many with a view!

Easy to get here - easy to get out.

Eight major airlines fly into Cayman daily, with many direct flights from large US cities plus London. With twice daily flights from Miami International Airport, connections from non-direct gateways make it easy to get to our lovely islands from anywhere. The private air terminal at Owen Roberts International Airport also handles private planes and charters.