Things you need to know about getting married

While it is relatively straightforward to marry in the Cayman Islands, still, the happy couple must meet a couple of requirements. Among other things, you will need a marriage licence, an authorized “officiant” to perform the ceremony and a couple of witnesses. While the list of what you need to know is not particularly onerous, it needs to be completed

You must have a Special Marriage Licence

Cayman has no residency requirements. The cost of a Special Marriage Licence is US$250. Your wedding officiant or marriage official will procure that for you at no additional cost.

You must be married by a Marriage Officer who has been approved by the Cayman Islands government

Most ministers of religion are also Marriage Officers. You will need a letter from the marriage officer.

You must supply certain documents

Passports and any divorce decrees are required. You can mail or scan the picture page of your passports (colour is better) and any divorce decrees (every page). The marriage bureau does not accept facsimiles (faxed copies), and your wedding officiant won’t either.

The marriage must occur between 6am and 8pm

You need two witnesses

Those in your wedding party are fine, but if there is no party, your wedding organizer must know in advance to supply the witnesses. You should expect to tip each witness provided by your wedding planner $20, if they have come out specially.

You will receive the Certified Copy of the Marriage Register immediately after your ceremony

This has all the details of the wedding and will be signed by the groom, the bride, two witnesses older than 18, and the Civil Registrar/Marriage Officer who officiates at your ceremony.

After the ceremony, your wedding celebrant must file the record of your marriage locally

Your wedding celebrant must also arrange for you to get a registered copy of your Marriage Certificate. This is your legal marriage certificate.

When you return home you should file the certificate in the public records office of your town

Some offices will take a photocopy. Others will want the original. Should you need more than one copy, you should contact your Cayman wedding celebrant.

A list of Licenced Marriage Officers can be obtained from the passport and corporate services office on Grand Cayman

Passport and Corporate Service Office Sussex House, 128 Elgin Avenue George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-9000 Tel: 1-(345)-943-7678 Fax 1-(345)-945-4355 Email: passport& On Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, this list can be obtained from the District Commissioner’s office. District Commissioner’s Office District Administration Building PO Box 240 Cayman Brac KY2-2101 Tel: 1-(345)-948-2222 Fax: 1-(345)-948-2506 Email:

The marriage bureau is not open on weekends, or Cayman’s 11 annual public holidays