Locals say that the stingrays began gathering in the area decades ago when fisherman used to clean fish on the shallow sand bars of the North Sound. The stingrays would forget their normally shy dispositions and feast on the guts of the cleaned fish. Soon the stingrays began to associate the sound of a boat motor with food. In the late 1980s, divers started feeding the stingrays one of their favorite meals: squid. Before long, dozens of rays would show up each day to be fed, attracted by the boat engines and the memory of an easy meal. The area has evolved into one of Cayman’s most popular attractions.

Stingray City Operators

There are numerous ways to get to Stingray City by way of the numerous water sports operators who serve this tourism destination in Grand Cayman. You can book through your cruise ship, you can book through your hotel, or you can call the operators up directly - whatever you do, please do it. Stingray City may be a tourist spot but it is definitely not a tourist trap. It is one of the most awesome experiences in the Cayman Islands.