One of the pleasures of a visit to the Cayman Islands, the fishing and the teeming waters are a recipe for a lifetime experience. The very real potential for a “big strike” looms each minute as your captain and tour guide bring their expertise to bear among the rich fishing banks that linger just beyond the coastal waters. Don’t miss the chance to spend a day on the clear water, angling for your own sushi-grade game fish.

Fishing Operators

Most of Cayman's fishing charter captains are Caymanians with native experience and knowledge of the waters and gamefish. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, you will find Cayman's fishing charters challenging and the boat captains entertaining. Listen to the language of the fishermen colored with local names and descriptions for life at sea. Take a tour to the Twelve Mile Banks to experience the life style of early Caymanian fishermen. Enjoy a day on the water and if you are lucky you will have fresh fish for dinner.