Grand Cayman Deep Sea Fishing

One of the pleasures of a visit to the Cayman Islands, the fishing and the teeming waters are a recipe for a lifetime experience. The very real potential for a “big strike” looms each minute as your captain and tour guide bring their expertise to bear among the rich fishing banks that linger just beyond the coastal waters. Don’t miss the chance to spend a day on the clear water, angling for your own sushi-grade game fish.

Fishing Operators

Most of Cayman's fishing charter captains are Caymanians with native experience and knowledge of the waters and gamefish. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, you will find Cayman's fishing charters challenging and the boat captains entertaining. Listen to the language of the fishermen colored with local names and descriptions for life at sea. Take a tour to the Twelve Mile Banks to experience the life style of early Caymanian fishermen. Enjoy a day on the water and if you are lucky you will have fresh fish for dinner.

Plenty of choice

The waters around Cayman are a fisherman's paradise with marlin, tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, swordfish and shark found in abundance -- and sometimes up to very impressive sizes. No need for any “fish tales” here. Whether it's bonefish on the shallow, sandy flats, or game fish in the deep blue, or even hand-line fishing from shore, there is a wide choice of fishing opportunities for you.

High-quality professionals

Relax and enjoy knowing you are booking a fishing trip with true professionals who offer clean and well-maintained boats, with top-of-the-line tackle and safety equipment Perhaps most importantly, the people who take you out know the best spots to lay anchor and drop the lines. Cayman's fishing heritage is evident in the knowledgeable crew who see to your every need on their custom boats.

Year-round fishing

There is no “low season” for fishing in the Cayman Islands. Plan your trip at your convenience, with half- and full-day fishing trips available daily no matter the time of year. Warm weather all 12 months means you can take to the seas anytime.

Convenient locations

Everyone has their favorite fishing spot with some almost too convenient to believe. On Grand Cayman's West Wall you can start fishing five minutes from the dock -- no long boat trip required. Charters are operated from several locations on all three islands - to get you out on the water quickly and easily, maximizing your vacation time.

Cayman Islands Banks

A full-day trip can take you to the Cayman Islands Banks. This famous location, 12 miles offshore, offers big catches of wahoo, mahi mahi and tuna. The Cayman Banks are coral pinnacles which are found in the middle of the sea, rising from 10,000 feet of water to barely 40 feet beneath the surface. This deep sea experience is a fisherman's dream.

Enter a tournament

The Cayman Islands is the setting for several fabulous fishing tournaments that take place throughout the year. The Cayman Swordfish Challenge, the Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament and the Rooster Shootout, sponsored by a local radio station, are just some of the great -- and potentially lucrative -- opportunities to show off your angling skills.

Family fun

Even if you are not fond of angling, a fishing trip is perfect for families. On many boats you can lounge and sunbathe if you do not want to fish. Few could argue with the pure joy of being out on the pristine Caribbean Sea or North Sound, gliding along the water under a beautiful blue sky. Combine fishing with snorkeling for an outing that is sure to please everyone.

Perfect fishing weather

Clear blue skies, sunny days and gentle breezes pretty much comprise the daily forecast throughout the year, so any time would be perfect for a fishing holiday. It's hard to find a bad day in Cayman, winter or summer. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are the perfect balance to your day on the water.

Crystal-clear water

All you need do is look down when you are on the water and you will see the teeming marine life that calls Cayman home. Glimpse the breadth and richness of Cayman's reef system as you glide over walls, tunnels, bommies, patches and sand flats on your way to your angling site.

Exceptional captains

Long known and respected for its generations of seafarers, the Cayman Islands has produced an incomparable array of boat captains. Choose a captain, hire his boat and be prepared for an incredible time on the water. Our captains are friendly and very knowledgeable about the local waters and the fish that are found there. In addition, the captains will gladly entertain you with all sorts of stories from days gone by of seafarers who have become known throughout the world.