Grand Cayman Beaches

The beaches that you find in Cayman are truly right out of a picture postcard. The world-famous Seven Mile Beach offers what seems like a never-ending stretch of sparkling sand met by the clear, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, there are a variety of other, smaller beaches found throughout Cayman that you can visit, all with their own unique charms. Anyone who spends time on any beach in Cayman will quickly learn what the lucky few who live here already know: it doesn’t get any better than this.

Beautiful soft, white sand

As cliché as it may sound, the sand on Cayman’s beaches is soft and white, leaving most of the world’s beaches in their dust, as it were. Easy on the eyes and the feet, white sand beaches on deep blue water are the picture postcard of a beautiful and relaxing vacation experience.

Calm, turquoise waters, protected by reefs

The pristine blue waters of the Caribbean that surround the Cayman Islands feature the gentlest of waves, so taking a dip is a lovely, relaxing experience, along with being a snorkeler’s dream come true. Gaze at the palette of deep yet bright blues and greens, marvel at the smooth surface conditions, revel in the clean, warm waters with little or no current.

All beaches are public

There are no “Keep Off” signs on our beaches so pick your spot and sunbathe to your heart’s content. Additionally, each of Cayman's districts has a designated public beach with picnic tables and other facilities. Do note, however, the area above the high tide line in front of hotels and condos on Seven Mile Beach is for guests only.

Not crowded

Even on a weekend during high season, there is plenty of room to spread out your towels, set down your beach chair and enjoy your space on whatever beach you choose. Find plenty of room even at the favorite beaches. For a more secluded experience, try one of the smaller or more remote beaches.

Snorkeling, trips on banana boats, jet ski rentals and food and drink outlets

Feel free to do nothing but lie in the sand or refresh yourself in the perfect Caribbean water. But if you are interested in anything more strenuous or adventurous you can do that, too, at some of the beaches. Water sports concessions operate at numerous beach. Food vendors wait quietly at the side or just across the street to refresh you.

Secluded spots available

Seven Mile Beach is the most famous and popular stretch of sand, but there are many secluded beaches scattered around if you prefer a bit more privacy. Brown beach access signs point you to the many beach entry points, typically just a short path to the water. Or investigate the dirt roads on Cayman's northern shores leading down to the water's edge.

No one will hassle you or try to sell you anything

Unlike many other tourist destinations, the beaches in Cayman do not feature any hawkers of any kind. Your perfect day in the sun will never be disturbed by the shouts of someone trying to sell you anything from ice cream to local crafts. Although some vendors set up near the popular beaches, they are not allowed on the beach, leaving you to enjoy your book, snooze or conversation without interruption.

A beach is just a short walk away from everywhere

It’s really true. In fact, it will require a great deal of effort to find yourself too far from any beach. Almost all of Cayman's hotels, condos and villa rentals are waterside. Others are merely across the street. If you are visiting family or friends who live inland, you are never more than 5 minutes from easy beach access.

Seven Mile Beach is perfect for strolling or jogging

The long, pristine stretch of sand that is Seven Mile Beach just calls out for a casual, relaxed stroll or a more energetic run. It also a popular place to walk dogs or set up a picnic. And when you are done, there is that glorious Caribbean Sea in which to cool off. An interesting array of waterfront eating establishments is available to fill out your day on the beach.

Perfect beach weather all year round

You never have to check ahead on what the weather will be like. Simply look up and admire another day in which the sun is shining and the sea breezes are blowing. Though the rainy season officially stretches from May to November, tropical rains are usually a short afternoon downpour followed quickly by clearing skies.