Grand Cayman Accommodations

The Cayman Islands is well prepared to accommodate every guest, with thousands of rooms across the entire economic spectrum. Camping on the beach is legal by the way. Most hotels, condos and others offer the Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee. It covers any cancellations made prior to arrival during hurricane season if guests are worried about the weather in any way shape or form. Compensation is offered if vacation time is cut short because of inclement weather. A free replacement stay is also offered by many properties, allowing guests to rebook for the same duration as the original stay, regardless of how many days were affected by the storm.

Please check out the many types of Accommodations available for you on Grand Cayman:

Condos on Seven Mile Beach

The many attractions found within and around the beautiful waters of the Cayman Islands offer people numerous reasons to visit this Caribbean gem. If you can add in accommodations right on picture perfect Seven Mile Beach, with a variety of sizes and levels of luxury to suit everyone’s needs and tastes, then a vacation transcends into an unforgettable holiday. The condominiums available along this prized stretch of Grand Cayman shore offer amenities from beach BBQs to freshwater pools to fitness centers to tennis courts. The one constant among them? They all give their lucky guests unbelievable views of the Caribbean Sea, including glorious sunsets to end each day in paradise.

Clean, safe and well maintained

The Department of Tourism inspects and licences all tourist accommodations on an annual basis. Whether it is a resort villa or guest house accommodations, you can be assured of suitable surroundings.


Hundreds are available on short-term or even long-term rentals, and are dotted everywhere throughout the three islands, appealing to every pocketbook, be the property in George Town, West Bay, East End, Cayman Kai or the Sister islands.

Hotels and Resorts

Most of the major hotels and resorts are centered on Seven Mile Beach and the George Town area, but many more are spread throughout the islands. All offer top standards of comfort and cleanliness. Many boast swimming pools, bars, restaurants and watersports. Those in the more commercial areas tend toward more luxury accommodation.

Inexpensive alternatives

Private rooms, cottages, bungalows, even native Caymanian houses are widely available, often tucked away in residential neighbourhoods or private properties off the beaten track.

Private villas/homes

These can range from the fabulously luxuriant, covering acres of land on a point with the sea on three sides, to a simple single-family dwelling in town.

Buying apartments or homes

A large list of real-estate companies are poised to help a visitor plan a budget, select an area and plumb the local market to buy the right property, whether it be a standard two-bed/two-bath condo or a secluded stand-alone home. Most realtors are members of CIREBA, the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, bound by strict standards of buying and selling. Nothing restricts foreigners from trading real estate, although a “stamp duty” will generally apply to any property sale to a non-Caymanian.

Renting apartments or homes

Many prefer to rent, preserving their options for the near term. Listings are plentiful and can be viewed online at the daily Caymanian Compass newspaper, E-cay or any number of realtor websites and advertisements. The larger realtors publish their own magazines.

Guest houses and B&B

Only a few guesthouses and bed & breakfast establishments are available, but they are well-known, carefully maintained and offer excellent opportunities to meet the islanders. The Eldemire Guest House on South Church Street is one example, as is the Shangri-La and the Harbour View Apartments adjacent to The Wharf Restaurant at the beginning of Seven Mile Beach

Cayman Brac

By comparison with Grand Cayman, accommodations on Cayman Brac are limited, but displaying charm, a broad diversity and traditional island hospitality. The same general categories of condos, hotels, beds & breakfast, villas and guest houses apply.

Little Cayman

Offering a more modest selection and range than its larger Cayman counterparts, Little Cayman still supports a sufficient range of accommodation styles to satisfy most visitors.