The variety and extent of attractions for tourists to explore is very impressive considering the size of the Cayman Islands. Among the many choices, adults and children alike will enjoy meeting the native green sea turtles up close, swim with the dolphins, see the indigenous blue iguanas - which are unique to Cayman - or perhaps dive the recently scuttled USS Kittiwake. Whether looking for a land- or water-based attraction, visitors will certainly find something to ensure their time here is fun, interesting and unique.

We have organized the attractions by creating distinct categories for general attractions vs. Tours, to help you plan your trip. Vote for your favorite Attraction or Tour.

Grand Cayman Tours

Under the water, over the water, on land or in the air - there are so many ways to tour the Cayman Islands. Our experienced operators can take you on an all day island tour showcasing native culture and cuisine along the way. Or step below decks for a submarine tour of our beautiful reefs. Eco tours highlighting Cayman's bird and plant life appeal to the nature lover. Parasailing and helicopter tours let you see Cayman from above. And there are numerous combinations of water tours - sailing trips, snorkeling, fishing, sunset cruises, pirate ships. Fill out your diving schedule with a tour of your choice.

Grand Cayman Attractions

There is such a range of interesting attracions on our three islands that everyone in your group will find something to their liking. Natural attractions are what started it all - beautiful water, reefs and fish. Today you can also tour the breeding facilities for the rare and endangered Blue Iguana, native only to Grand Cayman or stand high atop the Bluff on Cayman Brac. Sporting types will enjoy skateboarding and go-carts. Or wander through one of the many museums and historic sites. No matter what you choose for your first trip, there will be plenty of interesting sights left for your return visit.