The Cayman Islands is a world-class diving destination and a number of people who visit the Islands are diving enthusiasts. There are so many things that divers need to know about diving in general but since this is a top ten site, here are the top ten things you should know about diving in one of the world's best dive sites.

Boat Dives in the Cayman Islands

It is difficult to come up with a top ten list for boat dives as every single dive site has a unique feature. In the Cayman Islands, dive sites are named after their unique-ness and sometimes after Divers themselves that discover the site. Another problem when creating a top ten dive site list is that it is difficult for a diver to request a dive site unless weather permits. Dive operators plan dives depending on wind and water factors that make it safe for diving. If all the safety factors are in place that is the only time that divers can request for a specific dive site from the dive operator. Please also read, ten things you need to know about diving in the Cayman Islands to see which part of the island is accessible during the summer and winter months.

Diving Equipment, Supplies, Sales & Service

Cayman's dive industry is so well developed that there are several stores specializing in repairs, equipment sales and rentals and tank refills. Most dive shops sell or rent at least some gear. But the ones listed here have extensive selection and highly knowledgeable staff who can guide you in your purchase.