Cayman Islands Weddings

So popular is it as a destination, the Cayman Islands has created an entire industry around weddings. Between the pristine beaches, the gently lapping aqua-hued waters, the enormous number of attractive sites for both ceremonies and receptions, it would be hard NOT to find a beautiful, breathtaking and nearly perfect venue for one of the most important days of your life. This top ten list will help you find it.

You can get married on the beach

The three Cayman Islands are home to countless miles of fabulous coral-white beaches, all public and all ready to host your wedding. Seven Mile Beach, the pier at Rum Point, the Heritage, East End and Kaibo beaches or the surrounds of Cayman Brac the potential is limited only by your own imagination.

You can get married on a boat

Cayman provides a range of options for a waterborne wedding, be it a luxury yacht, a pirate ship, a two-masted schooner, a luxurious catamaran or even a replica of a 17th-century galleon. With a large enough boat, you can have your reception on the water too.

You can get married in a park

From the luxuriously variegated gardens of Pedro St James to the rich pageantry of Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park there are a range of parks to choose from. The simple ironshore waterfront of South Sound Park has hosted many a wedding as have the public beachs in each of the districts.

You can get married underwater

For diving enthusiasts, underwater weddings have been possible since 1996. Diving technology now makes it possible for couples to communicate underwater. An underwater wedding is a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience promising to be both memorable and romantic. Underwater proposals are not unheard of either.

Cruise weddings

Couples and parties can arrive by cruise ship, marrying the same day as they arrive, staging a ceremony and reception ashore, and all expertly managed by Cayman’s professional wedding planners. Once back on board the honeymoon cruise begins.

World Class wedding professionals

A legion of professionals -- planners, photographers and videographers, florists, jewelers, spas, hair and beauty designers, gift consultants, caterers, cake designers, musicians, transport specialists -- stand ready to serve every need within every budget.

An abundance of reception sites

Resorts, elegant waterfront restaurants, hotels, private villas, indoors and outdoors, beachfront and forest, all make idyllic locations for your reception. Cayman has more than 150 restaurants with world-class wine lists and culinary traditions.

Easy proximity

A quick hop on a multitude of daily and weekly flights from North America and three times each week on British Airways from London, is all it takes for visitors to launch their dream wedding. Family and friends can join in the event with such easy connections. Getting to Grand Cayman has never been easier.

Minimal bureaucracy, maximal advice

The Cayman Islands imposes minimal legal requirements on couples seeking to marry. A period of residency is not required -- only a Special Marriage Licence and an approved official to conduct the ceremony selected from a readily available list. Weddings have been staged for many years, and the facilities are superb – from lodgings to transport to venues.

No need to go anywhere else for your honeymoon

You are already in paradise.