Cayman Brac, 14 miles long and 2 miles wide, has the most dramatic topography of the three Cayman Islands. During the heyday of Caribbean piracy, “The Brac” served as both a haven and a place to replenish supplies – boasting fresh-water wells and myriad sources of food amongst the local flora and fauna. The population of the island remains at about 2,000.


Cayman Brac has a diversity of topography compared to the other Cayman Islands. This results in nature attractions being high on the list of fun activities here. The historic features of the country are also more evident here than in Grand Cayman. There's plenty to do and see to fill out your vacation.

Auto Rentals

Although you will likely be only a few steps from the water no matter where you stay on the Brac, you will want to rent a car to truly appreciate the diversity of this island. If you don't fancy ascending 140 feet on your own power to take in the views at the top of the towering Bluff, hop in a car - and add some of the Brac's other special features to your tour of the island.

Cayman Brac Government

Cayman Brac serves as the government centre for the two sister islands. Many of the branch offices administering Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are located here. The District Administration building houses many of these offices. It is located at 19 Kirkconnell Street in Stake Bay, between the Gerard Smith airport and the western end of the island.

Real Estate

Investment in property is a common souvenir that some visitors partake in. Cayman Brac has a strong real estate market with several experienced real estate agencies. The agents all have local knowledge of this distinctive island and can help you make a purchase of a vacation home or business investment


From elegant to take out, Cayman Brac has a range of food options for you. Celebrate a wedding or treat yourself to a special night out at one of the fine dining establishments. Or grab a quick bite after a day of diving from one of the fast food shops. In between you will find local specialties and bar and grill favorites. Whether it's seafood, Caymanian, Chinese or pizza, you're sure to find filling and tasty food to suit your palate

Scuba Diving & Water Sports

Cayman Brac is known for miles of unspoiled reef, all within a close boat ride from shore. With more than 50 sites to choose from - and 11 of these are accessible from shore - you'll have to visit more than once! The MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts was sunk here in 1996 to create the western hemisphere's only divable Russian warship. The sea life that has taken residence here has created a new reef for the dive enthusiast. See for yourself why Cayman Brac keeps bringing them back.


There may be a few needs that your resort or self-catering accommodation doesn't supply. Check out the local services vendors on Cayman Brac for out-of-the ordinary needs.


Don't miss an opportunity to pick up a little (or big) something special as a memento of your vacation. Cayman Brac has its own personality among the three islands and this is reflected in the souvenirs and gifts available at the shops here. Be sure to leave room in your bag for that special something for that special someone back home.

Vacation Rentals

Although Cayman Brac is best known as a scuba diving destination, there is plenty here to entertain the non-diver. The accommodations on this sister island reflect the range of activities the island has to offer. Choose an all-inclusive dedicated dive resort. Or spend your time at a secluded farm and garden type home stay. Whether it's a luxury condo you're looking for, or a budget holiday flat, Cayman Brac can accommodate your plans and your style.


Cayman Brac has a decent range of services to help you carry out a full traditional wedding - florists, photographers, catering, marriage officers plus a wide range of accommodations from rustic to elegant. You may want to stand atop the magnificent bluff with its sweeping views of the sea from on high, or say your vows on a quiet beach under the palm trees. Or perhaps you fancy a tropical garden for your ceremony and reception. Cayman Brac has all of these options - and you can't go wrong with any of them.