Top Ten Voting and Reviews

Many of you have responded to our notices about voting for the Top Ten in several of our categories.

In fact, a whole lot of you have. We are using our Facebook page as a channel to bring in more votes. And it’s working – a testament to the power of social media.

At first we were suspicious of the results because the voting was so heavy we thought that readers might be cheating the system. We allow only 1 vote per IP address to guard against vote stuffing. So when we saw the dramatic numbers we investigated. We are pleased to say that our system is safe and that each one of the votes is authentic. It seems our readers really love their dive operators, restaurants and bars.

Voting is just one way users and readers can evaluate a business. The other way is through reviews. Consumers today rely heavily on reviews to gauge whether they want to do business with a company. Truly inspired clients are only too happy to share their thoughts and experiences with their favourite vendors by writing a review. If you feel strongly about a particular company, a review is a more meaningful way of recommending them.

Submit a review on with the review feature on individual listings.

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