Pirates Week – aaaargh!

Pirates Week is one of those events that is cool in spite of the clichés.

On the surface it might look like just another themed festival. Over 30 years ago, some islanders organized this festival to help build tourism during our slow months. But over the years it has evolved into a deep-rooted celebration that is now part of the local consciousness. It is not just the tourist related businesses that get involved – it’s everybody.

Pirates Week - aaaargh!

Two weeks of street fairs, sports events, cultural demonstrations, pirate re-enactments, music and costume competitions – and all done with enthusiasm and in great fun. Our favourite aspect is how many people dress up in pirate and wench attire for the fireworks, street parties, and other events. We all have our stock of special trappings that we pull out once a year for this occasion. It doesn’t take much in the way of accessories to turn black pants or skirt and a white shirt into the costume of the buccaneers, pirates and marauders that sailed through our islands in earlier centuries.

We all go downtown for the evening events, dressing and talking like pirates. This is our mindset, whether we are native or expat, our heritage, so to speak, to embrace our maritime legacy and tropical island lifestyle with a 2-week festival that shows our boisterous sense of fun and adventure.

Families take note – Pirates Week is a fun, light-hearted, creative festival appropriate for any age. It’s the best of “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians” from the Caribbean perspective. This year, Pirates Week runs from Nov. 5-27.