More on hurricanes and 9/11

We’ve had hurricanes on our mind lately. H Irene was a reminder that you have to take mother nature seriously.

Fortunately, H Katia never came close to land, tho she is still going strong offshore from New England, a powerful storm no doubt causing headaches for fishermen and other marine interests.

Also, September 10 is what is known as hurricane spike day – the historical data shows a huge spike on this day indicating that Sep 10 is one of the busiest hurricane days in the Atlantic basin. Indeed our own Hurricane Ivan arrived on September 11, 2004. This date is inextricably linked to 9/11 in our minds, though our misfortunes were nowhere near as grievous as the numerous tragedies of that day in 2001.

More on hurricanes and 911

We are also inextricably linked to the United States whom we rely on for so many commercial goods. One of our home wares stores printed up an American flag and distributed it widely shortly after 9/11, acknowledging the friendship, family ties and lifeways we share with the USA. Caymanians are known for putting on huge Christmas light displays in their yards, and that year one of the long-standing favourite displays chose red, white and blue lights in homage to a world event that touched so many. While most of us in Cayman will be remembering the anniversary of H Ivan this weekend, we will also be remembering 9/11.

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