Cayman Sundays are Fundays!

Cayman Sundays are Fundays

I was driving through town this past Sunday and there was a Cruise Ship in the distance. Of course that meant that there would be tourists in town.

A lot of them where walking about and as my car came to a stop I heard a passerby saying, “Why are all the shops closed?!”

Yes Dear Tourist, our shops are closed on Sundays! I think some of the jewelry retail shops are open when there is a schedules cruise ship but not all of them. But don’t let this stop you from coming to the Cayman Islands on a Sunday.

Sundays are fun in the Cayman Islands because it is alive with a lot of other activities.

Snorkeling: If you forget to bring your own snorkeling gear, no fear as most dive shops rent out snorkeling gears. The closest one on the port is Eden Rock and they have pretty good snorkeling in that area. Lots of sliders during the spawning season and they also have a resident barracuda who i have seen quite a few times but has never been menacing. If you want to explore further down Seven Mile Beach – my favorite snorkeling spot would be Governors Beach. No dive shop in this part of the beach so best rent your gear from Divers Supply. When you get to Governor’s Beach, which is right next to the Governor’s House you have to swim around 200 yards out to where there is a white buoy to see the reef. I have seen a nurse shark, a green eel and quite a few other interesting marine life in this reef. It is my second favorite reef on Seven Mile Beach. My first favorite reef would have to be Cemetery Reef which is located on Cemetery Beach. It is the furthest point of Seven Mile Beach but definitely worth the trip.

There are lots of other activities to do while in port on a Sunday. Check back for more blog updates or as we say here, ‘soon come.’


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