Boca Raton compared to Cayman

We were in Boca Raton, FL recently, on a vacation of sorts (visiting friends). It was interesting to notice the differences and similarities between Boca Raton and the Cayman Islands.

Boca, as the locals call it, is an affluent community filled with high-end living and shopping. Just like Cayman. Boca’s Town Center mall had Cartier, Tous, Swarovski, Tiffany, and MAC cosmetics boutiques. Just like Cayman. There was a wide range of restaurants from family diners and fast food to fine dining. Just like Cayman. Just a few miles south in Deerfield Beach there was a lovely public beach with easy swimming and picnic cabanas. Just like Cayman. There was also a wide variety of internationals in the population. Just like Cayman. And there seemed to be a mix in many places of professionals, families and tourists. Just like Cayman.

Differences seemed to stem mainly from the size of the area and the population. Boca Raton is part of the greater Miami conglomeration, so traffic was heavier and faster, there was more variety in the shopping, and public services such as libraries and parks were abundant. Cayman operates on a smaller scale, more like a small town.

One other difference notable to this shopper was that in October the stores were filled with winter goods – coats, sweaters, boots. These items are hard to come by in Cayman as our climate doesn’t reach much below 70 even in a cold year. Also, Cayman is more casual where Boca is a bit dressier. In fact, at the trendiest locales in Boca, such as Mizner Park, high fashion was common.

The pizzaz of a swanky metropolis was invigorating. But we found ourselves longing for home at the end of the week, ready to wind down a notch or two and enjoy the familiar pleasures of our island home.

Boca Raton compared to Cayman

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